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BROODING; Theory and Practical

Brooding is the care of young chicks by provision of optimum environment. The temperature by external heat source provided until the chicks become able to regulate its body temperature efficiently. The temperature is most important factor during brooding. The metabolic thermoregulatory capacity of chicken develops when feathering starts at 2-3 weeks of age.



  • Optimum brooding with a view to ensuring the survival of birds.
  • To realize the full potentials of the birds at maturity.
  • To ensure optimum profitability of the poultry enterprise.


Key Learning Points

  • Introduction & Definition
  • Cleaning of the house prior to brooding.
  • Materials for brooding
  • Methods of brooding.
  • Demonstration of brooding
  • Key performance indicators during brooding
  • Medication/vaccination programmme during brooding.
  • Record keeping

Duration: 2 Days

Date: February 5th & 6th, 2021

Price: N52,800