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FarmPark Land Allocation

FarmPark’s unique Farm Up model involves the allocation of farm lands to her subscribers for the sole aim of farming.

Farm Up consists of Farm In (subscribers here buy farm lands from us, carry out farming operations themself and earn 100% of it’s proceeds.) and Farm Out (subscribers here buy farm lands from us, FarmPark undergoes the farming operation for the subscriber, and shares proceeds in 70:30 % [Subscriber/FarmPark).

With either of these, you are on the path to farming your way into prosperity.

E-Farm Cashout

Meet our subscribers who invested in #Farmpark and just cashed out. The model chosen here was E-Farm. E-Farm is one of the Packages of FarmPark under the Smart Farmer model.

This package is creatively unique. Here, no farmlands are needed. A subscriber invests in the farming of an agricultural produce (Cucumber, Vegetables, Poultry etc) At the end of the production circle (5 months) the subscriber receives a 20% ROI . No farmlands/ farming experience is recommended here.