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Poultry Farming in Abuja

Poultry Farming in Abuja

Poultry farming is one of the best areas of farming that will interest anyone with animal rearing. It is highly lucrative, and nothing goes to waste in poultry farming. Abuja is one of the most lucrative places for poultry farming in Nigeria. This is why we have put together some essential information about Poultry farming in Abuja.

Poultry Farming in Abuja

Hen, Chicken eggs and chickens eating food in farm

Nigeria is said to be a place for many small scale farm owners who try everything possible to make a livelihood for themselves. Small scale farm owners often produce below their potential. This is because they often employ substandard farm practices. Farmers often get loans to boost their productivity but lose all the money to uninformed agricultural practices. For this reason, has made it a mandate to dish out articles like this for the benefit of potential farmers and farmers who are already practising.

Therefore, Poultry farming is said to raise numerous domestic birds like chicken, turkey, emu, ducks, geese, etc., for their eggs or meat. This has been a common practice in Nigeria for such a long time that it has become an indispensable part of farming.

Poultry farming in Nigeria is on the rise. It is no longer a business for the future; it is for the present. Agriculture is the heart of the Nigerian economy, and it can only get better. Based on this knowledge, many interested individuals are doing all they can to learn about the poultry business.


Series of Poultry Farming Types

There are a series of poultry farming types, ranging from chicken rearing to turkey, broiler, emu, quails and many more.

These are the seven most popular types of poultry farming:

  1. Chicken rearing, which offers meat and egg
  2. Rearing of turkey for meat purposes
  3. Rearing of Guinea fowl, which produces meat and egg
  4. Geese Rearing for production of meat, egg, and down feathers
  5. Rearing of ducks produces down feathers, meat and eggs
  6. Quail (for eggs and meat)
  7. Pigeons (for meat mainly).


What makes the best poultry farm in Abuja?

Before we can build a fact on the context, some factors need to be looked into, such as:

  1. Location suitability:

Poultry farm sites are advisable to be away from the chaos and everyday hustle of the city. There are many calm farm sites and pollution-free in Abuja. Their farms have adequate, clean and fresh drinking water sources nearby. Also, their sites are free of poultry enemies and predators like foxes and leopards. Abuja sites are closer to good roads, making it easy to transport poultry goods easily. Some of the calmest places in Abuja for poultry farming are Zuba, Gariki, saburi etc.

  1. Cost of Starting A Poultry Farming Business:

It is an excellent decision for anyone who wants to go into poultry farming in Abuja. This is because the starting cost of poultry farming is as low as N50,000. That amount of money will help you cover the purchase of day-old chicks and their feeds. The good news is it becomes easier when you already have land. Also, you can start getting back massive returns after six months of investment. You can even start selling the eggs from your birds within the space of twenty-one days.

  1. Feeding and Medication:

Many farm companies in Abuja have proper medication and vaccination, preventing many poultry diseases. Their commercial poultry farmer has veterinary doctors who can check the birds when the need arises. Most of them have their routine medications and vaccinations. This approach helps maintain the bird’s health while keeping them away from viruses and bacterial infections.

  1. Marketing and Sales:

This is the last and most crucial factor we need to consider. Many farm companies in Abuja have taken some fast-growing ideas such as taking the business online, selling to hotels and restaurants, advertising their products, employing digital marketers, home delivery agents, etc.

How lucrative is poultry farming in Abuja?

There is no doubt that Poultry farming is considered one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses in Nigeria today. This is because of livestock production, which includes poultry farming. However, because of the pace agriculture is taking in the country, Abuja has seen an increase in the output of poultry farming.

Additionally, the urbanization of Abuja has also influenced the continuous growth of poultry farming in the city of Abuja



Why is farm park the best in Abuja:

Over the years, FarmPark has compiled services and resources to introduce and educate to understand profiting off farming in Abuja better. Farmlands are available to prospective farmers to acquire in Abuja. This makes it possible for the farmers to stay on their own to carry out all of their farming activities without disturbance. The FarmPark team and co-owners have created a scheme of investment with other farmers to earn returns after a given farming cycle all year round.

Additionally, Farmpark has a lot of training plans that will help you in various ways to put you through poultry lessons. Also, they can help you get into farming quickly by helping you get an investor within a short period. This will allow you to keep your dreams of becoming a poultry farmer alive even when you do not have the capital to start.

Furthermore, we assure you that they have a plan that will help you all the way so that you don’t run into loss after your investment.


Likewise, While farming, there is an e-retail side to the business that completes the agri-business cycle. Here, all vegetables, poultry, meat, dairy, and their by-products generated from all the farming efforts are available for procurement.

Farmpark is the best because for many


The fact is that Commercial poultry farming in Abuja has produced and still producing a profitable business opportunity for Entrepreneurs and can provide a great employment source for job seekers.

As a business owner, it is advisable to get your business finances right from the onset. Additionally, due to these valuable business opportunities in poultry farming, we involve some platforms, such as online invoicing software that helps you keep track of the business revenues and expenses efficiently.

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