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MoneyMaker Press Release

FarmPark, one of Nigeria’s leading Agricultural Tech companies has launched Moneymaker, an amazing Agro-Parcel which enables you earn high ROI by investing in Agriculture.

Agriculture has always been the base of the Nigerian economy before the discovery of Crude oil. Hence, it’s important to have a stream of income from the ever blooming Agricultural sector.

Investing in farming is a good strategy, because whether the overall economy is in a recession or booming, people still have to eat. Agricultural investment is a real money maker because food is essential for every human. Gone are the days when you’d need to own a farm before exploiting the wonders of Agriculture. With Moneymaker, you could achieve this from the comfort of your home.

FarmParks’ Moneymaker comprises two Agro investment Products:, E- Farm, and Agro Space Banking which yields up to 60% return on your investment.


How it works

E-Farm: This is a co-sponsoring Agro-investment that lets you invest in units of poultry farms, so you can earn up to 25% ROI in 5 months. It’s that easy. Want to learn more? Please click here

Agro-Space Banking: As a joint farming venture, Agro-Space Banking lets you and a group of other investors co-own a complete Agricultural production project and earn up to 60% return on Investment annually. You have to commit to this investment for at least a period of 3 years. To learn more about how this awesome model works, please click here

What’s more? With Moneymaker, all farms are insured by Anchor Insurance, and all investments are held in trust by a 3rd party trust company, PAC Trustees Limited, a member of the Pan African Capital Holdings so that way you’re rest assured that we stick to the agreement and purposes for your acquisition and deliver returns to you without hassles.

For more details, click here to start, call +234 1 888 9903, email: or chat with FarmPark on WhatsApp Only: + 234 818 886 6411


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