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Agricultural investment platforms

Agricultural investment platforms in nigeria

Every one or two persons in a family have tried making money through investment. Therefore, we bring you the good news of the agricultural investment. Investing is fun, especially when you do not struggle too hard to make money. By employing the use of agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, you can make cool cash without going through farming. The good thing is that these platforms help you take away all the stress attributed to owning a farm yourself. Additionally, they provide you with a good return on your investment without you doing any work.

There are a number of these platforms in Nigeria, and they all serve the same purpose. However, they have a different approach to their service rendering.

Agricultural investment platforms

How do they operate?

Most of the agricultural investment platforms are crowdfunded. The platforms get a group of people who are interested in agriculture to be under one umbrella. Hence, these platforms help to connect investors with farmers who need sponsorship. The other set of platforms serves as the well-known typical investment platform. They operate by getting funds from many investors, and they put the money into agricultural businesses. In the end, a certain amount that has been previously agreed will be given to the investors.

Therefore, any individual interested in agro-investment can visit any of the platforms and sign up. After sign-up, the individual (you) will be given a list of investment options and descriptions. All the descriptions will entail the geographical location of the farm, the amount required by the farmer for sponsorship, and the time it will take until the return on investment.

After you have made payment into the account of the said platform, your money will be transferred to the farmer. Henceforth, the platform will monitor the farmer from the planting phase to the time of harvest. After harvest, sales are made, and the money made from sales is used to pay the investor (you). However, there is an agreed sharing ratio between the platform, investor, and farmer. In either of the type of investment model or platform types you choose, you have a guaranteed return ranging from 10 to 45% per farming cycle. However, some platforms advertise a return on investment as high as 75%.

Benefits of Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria

  • These platforms have served as a cushion to the dwindling capital market and the continuous regression in the money market. The platforms help people take managed risks and make good returns on their money in no time.
  • They also train you on various investment classes like treasury bills and bonds. They help you also learn about the various safe investment you can venture into.


Below are some of the Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria

  • FarmPark Academy is the school for farmers, investors or agriculture enthusiasts where FarmPark offers short courses on various Agricultural products. This public training program is coined to help people get ample information and practical experience to get started with their own farm.


  • Crowdyvest: this company is one of Nigeria’s most well-known fintech investment platforms. It is among the first agricultural platforms for investment. It is a platform born from its parent company known as Farmcrowdy. They are known for value and impact-based investment platform that brings the opportunity to investors’ doorstep. They are also centered around achieving sustainable development goals in the agricultural industry based on the plan devised by the United Nations. Crowdyvest helps you put your investment on autopilot while focusing on other businesses. The agricultural investment they provide is highly secured. Finally, you can enjoy various opportunities like specific impact projects and pooled sponsorship.


  • Farmsby: based on details gathered through the company’s website, this company is housed in Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt, Rivers state. This company is largely centered on the distribution of cash crops. They carry this out through the help of a web of farmers in Nigeria. They operate using a crowdfunding approach to get their investment funds for the farmers. This platform also has its extension as far as the whole African continent. Farmsby is a fully digital investment platform that presents you with double investment packages. They offer a joint venture package and standard investment. The standard investment ranges from five thousand naira to five hundred thousand naira, and it takes 90 days to get a return of 50%. The joint venture package starts with a minimum of 500,000 through a cycle phase of 180 days, and it promises 75% ROI.


  • Thrive Agric: easily the next most popular agricultural investment platform after Farmcrowdy. This company fully focused its investment on rice and poultry farming. Therefore, investors are left with the option of choosing between poultry and rice farming. They have their farms located in a series of states like Oyo and Kano. The minimum you can use for investment on this platform is 10,000 naira. You will be entitled to a 10 to 20% return on investment. This will be decided by the amount you invest with. They also claim that they have all their farms insured by Leadway Assurance company. Finally, they have about 100,000 networks of farmers.


  • Payfarmer: This investment platform is largely focused on cash crop and livestock production. They are blessed with over 647 networks of farmers. These farmers also are recipients to about 6,580 investors. Investors have the option of choosing which area of cash crop they want to invest in. you can choose either pepper or yam. You can also choose to invest in poultry farming, piggery, and catfish. Their farms are situated in Kwara, Lagos, and the Oyo States. To invest, you can begin with as low as 25,000 naira. The farming cycle takes about ten months, depending on what you choose, and you have a return of up to 32%.


  • Farm Funded: this company largely focuses on rice farming. They are also known to process their rice before selling, and they are situated in Nassarawa state. There are various options for investors, from rice processing to farm projects and other forms of an integrated project. You get to start with a minimum of 20,000 nairas and get a return of 20% in 8 months. If you want to invest in the integrated project, you will part ways with a hundred thousand naira and get 80% in returns after a year.



These are five of the numerous Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria. Each of these Six investment platforms provides security to your investment, and you will not have to worry about the loss of your funds.


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