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Starting Poultry Farming for Beginners in Nigeria

Starting Poultry Farming for Beginners in Nigeria: A BEGINNERS GUIDE

In Nigeria today, it is a fact that poultry farming is one of the key businesses to embark on. What makes this a lucrative choice of work is that Nigeria is built to survive in the agricultural business. As a result of this conviction, many individuals with the knack for entrepreneurship learn how to become a poultry farmers every day. Hence, this article will give insights into poultry farming for beginners in Nigeria.

Starting Poultry Farming for Beginners in Nigeria

However, before we dive straight into it, it is important to understand what poultry farming is all about.

What Is Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is the process that allows an individual to raise and give care to domestic birds like chicken, geese, ducks, turkey, etc., to get their eggs or meat for business. Poultry farming is not a new business in Nigeria as it is a lifelong business for farmers.

Poultry farming, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most promising businesses to venture into in Nigeria because of its high return on investment. Importantly, it is not a type of business anyone can pick up and start without proper information about how best to approach it. Therefore, there are important questions like why go into poultry farming in Nigeria, and this is discussed below.

Why Should I Practice Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Poultry farming for beginners in Nigeria requires deep lessons and information. It is important for any beginner trying to venture into this business to have good reasons for starting. Below are some key details of poultry farming:

  • It serves as one of the best opportunities to be financially liberated
  • It is an ever-growing business that rarely fizzles out
  • It is a form of job opportunity for individuals who are willing to become poultry farmers in the future
  • The business provides food for the masses
  • Poultry farming produces commodities that people need every day
  • It does not require a deep marketing strategy because it has an already proven market
  • The return on investment can be tripled if approached properly
  • It is easier to set up poultry farming in your backyard
  • Poultry farming offers a vast number of breeds which allows you to select the one that best suits your location and market
  • Almost everyone feeds on poultry farm products


How to Start Poultry Farming For Beginners in Nigeria

Below are some of the steps you can take as a beginner to start your poultry business:

Decide on The Type of Poultry Bird to Rear

Various types of domestic birds are excellent for poultry farming in Nigeria, and they are all unique in their ways. However, starting a poultry business requires choosing the type of bird you want to rear. Having a clear idea of the type of bird you want to rear will help your business decision in the future. There are poultry birds that lay eggs only, and there are birds that you rare for meat. As a matter of fact, in Nigeria’s poultry business, the two most common breeds are Layers and Broilers. This is different from the locally grown chickens.


These are the hens reared for commercial sales in the poultry business. They are excellent producers of eggs. Additionally, they serve as a great source of meat after they have passed their laying days. These birds are reared from the first day until they grow to about 17-19 weeks old. They begin to lay eggs during this stage, which continues until week 72 of their life span. This is when they stop laying and are old enough for consumption as meat. Hence, they are a good option for money-making on both ends.


These are special breeds that are reared for meat purposes only. You can acquire this type of breed from about 40g of weight until they grow to about 2kg of weight in the space of six weeks. At that age, they become consumables for meat.


Choose a Suitable Farm Size and Location

To become a successful poultry farmer, you have to factor in the farm size and location. The first thing required to start this business is to get yourself a farm site. Bear in mind that this is the home of your birds, and it needs to be suitable for their growth.

This should be determined based on the number of birds you want to rear concerning the size. If your backyard is big enough to start the project in a small way, you can go ahead. This is better for beginners as this will allow you to gain valuable experience before moving to a big site.

The best poultry farms are far away from the daily walks of life. It should be situated in a very calm environment and a place from all sorts of pollution. Hygiene should be the number one factor, and make sure your site is devoid of predators. You should also factor in ease of access to your farm site.

Excellent shelter and Housing for the Birds

The next essential component for beginner poultry rarer is creating a suitable home for the birds. Doing this will guarantee the survival of your birds.

The type of housing you create for your birds should factor in your poultry methods. Make sure to have super spacious housing for the birds, so they don’t trample and kill each other. Ensure the bird’s house is tall enough to guide against rain floods. Lastly, ventilation should be greatly considered.

Treatments and Feeding of the Birds

The type of feeding and treatment given to your birds will determine how healthy they will be. It will also affect their survival rate. You must provide your birds with highly nutritious diets. When you provide them with hygienic and quality food, they become so productive and grow faster. Clean water will also make them healthy.

Get proper vaccination and medications to fight off diseases and plagues in your poultry. You must have a veterinary doctor on standby for your birds, as this will help you keep tabs on the birds’ health.


Poultry farming for beginners in Nigeria requires a lot of attention to detail. Additionally, you need to focus on every detail within this publication to have a quick start in your poultry farming. Choosing this business to venture into is one of the best you can enjoy, and you will have no regrets whatsoever. Lastly, be sure to have a proper financial structure before venturing into a poultry business in Nigeria.


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